Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have...a WonderWoman doll.If I was a better comic-book-geek I guess I'd call her an ACTION FIGURE.Or better yet,a "collector's item of the D.C comics super-heroes, WonderWoman,also known as Diana,Amazon Princess,ambassador of Truth and fighter for Justice".But I'm not,so...

...I have a WonderWoman doll.How did this come about?Why,you ask?And why now?


I went to the local comic book shop with my excellent friend,and he bought her for me,because he understands the need,so to speak,to identify.There were three to choose from--one petite-type who looks real pretty;one less petite but more on the sex-pot side.But this one..this doll has muscles you only see on t.v.,on female bodybuilders (minus of course the unsettling newly sprouted adam's apple they get and inch thick makeup they wear to cover the acne that comes with "being on the juice").She's gorgeous,stacked,fierce,and makes no apologies for her bulging womanly muscles.And she doesn't smoke.

Barbie could have smoked.You don't look at Glam Barbie and think:wow she looks REALLY healthy,I bet she takes care of herself.No.If you're informed,you look at Barbie and think:that wench couldn't keep herself upright on any planet where there is gravity.You think:how in the name of all that's holy did my mother the feminist make peace with giving me THAT for Christmas?You think (you may not admit it but you do ) : I wish Barbie would die.Cause I'm never gonna look like her right?Right.WonderWoman on the other hand...I could look like that.I kinda do look like that.Ok maybe not the rack and the long ebony hair,but the well-placed bulk..I have some of that.

What I'm talking about here are role-models,people.I RECLAIM THE RIGHT AT AGE (whatever) TO HAVE A MADE UP ROLE MODEL.She's cool,she has integrity,she's natural,and yes,she can kick your ass.She is the captain of her own soul!She is responsible for herself--and she seems to have well-placed ideas of her status in the totality of things ;between earth and heaven - or whatever the Greeks called heaven.Of course that might be simpler for her since she's like,heard Zeus speak and all that,but I digress.

Been looking around the world,lately.No animal on earth so far as I can tell ,willingly pollutes itself,or its environment.Don't s**t where you eat,right?...only humans would need a saying for that.Anyway,I've been taking note of the things we (I) do that are totally unnatural,based on the need for strategies for coping with (my) our lives.And some of us cope better than others,but mostly it seems to me we juggle our "strategies" just so we don't get caught in a pattern by somebody who may call us on it.I am not terribly clever with the juggling bit,so my strategies are fairly apparent.And seem to only really get my attention when it starts to look as though they might kill me.And it looks that way to me now.Six months ago I could sweep it under the "later on when things aren't so stressful" rug,but I can't anymore,and I don't want to.

Someone I love said to me once that she would never again do anything to herself that would harm her.Though this may seem obvious,if you think about it,chances are you may be able to come up with at least one thing that you do that knowingly harms you.Food,cigarettes,coffee,booze,drugs (these are the obvious ones ) ,relationships,dishonesty,worrying,controlling,manipulating,womanizing,man-izing..the list goes on.It's damage.To the heart,and to the spirit.And to the covenant I made with this Higher Power of mine.And it's making a liar out of me.And I'm done.Quote me on it.Hold me to it.Don't ask me about it,ha,just put me in your prayers if you would.

Because I am (though what I want to say is that I WANT TO BE) 'capitaine' of my own soul.And I've done a crappy job,in a lot of places, of navigating this deal.The Higher Intelligence is ,let's say,Admiral or President,but I am captain.In training.And WonderWoman?I guess I can say it:she is my ambassador.In the realm of the physical.On top of my t.v.,one fist in the air,rooting for me.For courage,and for care,for peace,faith--for justice done,and justice--to my Self--that still needs doing.

Seriously man--check out the pipes on her.

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